Custom Shop

Our Custom shop lets you create and modify the parts of your Air Weapons as per your specifications.
We do not deal in custom modifications of firearms as it’s prohibited by the law.
Our Custom shop mainly caters to competition shooters and recreational shooters of .177 caliber air weapons only. Our experts have varied experience and we have got the required tools and infrastructure and the expertise to create or modify parts that suits your specific needs.
Following are few of the custom jobs we undertake
1- Palm rests for Air Rifle
2- Sight risers for air weapons
3- Barrel extensions for air weapons
4- Front Sight for air weapons
5- Grip Settings for air pistols
6- Balancing weights as per specific needs for air rifle
7- Trigger jobs for air weapons
8- Custom made accessories and parts for air weapons
9- Developing substitutes for discontinued or imported items for air weapons
10- Developing missing or damaged parts for air weapons