Zastava CZ 99

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Till now the buyers have been paying an exorbitant price for imported hobby air pistols. We are committed to change that forever.

You can now get top brand Co2 powered air pistols at an affordable price band. We have worked hard to ensure we bring down the cost so that more and more people can have access to these top class replica pistols.

We also offer electric air soft and spring powered Air Pistols from International and Indian brands.  Electric and spring powered pistols give you unlimited fun at no extra cost. Our custom shop can help you achieve more from your electric and spring air pistols.

We have customized electric pistol with increased power and laser sight mounted and zeroed to perfection.

To buy an air pistol from our store, please first read our Rules Section.


Length:                            210 mm

Weight:                           560 grams

Magazine Capacity:   29

Energy:                           0.3 Joule

Material:                        Metal/Nylon

Velocity:                         55 ms / 180 fps




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