Repair & Maintenance
We have a team of certified and well experienced professionals who have rich experience in repair and maintenance of precision air weapons. We have successfully catered to various national and international level shooters and coaches.
Stop worrying about from whom and from where to get your imported air weapons repaired and serviced. We offer you one stop shop for all your repair, maintenance and service needs at genuine pricing.
You can contact us if you need assistance with any of the following issues with your air weapon.
-Inconsistency of Shots
-Dipping of shots
-Low pressure/uneven pressure of gun
-Air Cylinder leakages /Slow and fast leak.
-Air Cylinder filling issues.
-Calibration and Zeroing of Cylinder gauge.
-Cleaning and General Service.
-Dead or damaged weapon.

Note: After reviewing your weapon we will give an estimate of the cost involved in fixing the issue with your weapon. We have a standard charge of INR 250/- for reviewing and preparing the estimate.