Our Company Mission

The main factor of Manohar Singh Sarhadi & Company’s business success is the quality of our products. The excellent quality of our products is achieved through the consistent application of our Quality management.
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Customer satisfaction, the development of partnerships with suppliers and employee satisfaction are strategic objectives and form the basis of our quality policy. Our Quality Management System is in accordance with the standards of Indian Govt.

Our authenticity and clearness have been an eminent selling point since our inception.

With 100% transparency and legally-right dealings, we are making great strides in securing our supply chain so as to benefit our wholesale and retail customers. Whether you require a shotgun, rifle, or handgun, ammunition, Air Rifles, Co2 Air Pistols, Pellets and Accessories let Manohar Singh Sarhadi & Co be your one-stop sport-shooting, home security, and outdoor equipment shop!

Manohar Singh Sarhadi & Co.  have been dealing in Arms and Ammunition for 62 years now, since 1956, when it was founded. Manohar Singh Sarhadi & Co. has supplied Indian Army and Police, many foreign Armies and it also produces hunting and sporting ammunition, that is being sold all over India. The firm has 10 outlets. We have a lot to offer our customer in days to come.

The Firm started in 1956. The Firm with humble beginning was founded on the principle of quality and excellence and has the sole goal of bringing the best in arms and ammunition to million of arms and ammunition enthusiasts.

The Firm does its best to earn the place as customers leading supplier through large inventories, fair price, transparency and courteous services. With a large number of Arms dealers, Associates and Suppliers across the country, the product versatility is ensured to the customers.

Emphasizing more on the wide range of loyal customers around the world, Manohar Singh Sarhadi & Co. also have tie-ups with prominent overseas partners in countries like Czech Republic, Italy, USA, Australia, Germany, and Denmark. Our main aim is to provide our customers with a competitive price, to treat them with honesty, respect and to be knowledgeable regarding our products. Everyone can visit us, ask questions, make a major or modest approach, or just have a look around. Just give it a try!